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The Blue Grotto of Capri

More than 12,000 people live on the Italian Isle of Capri, However in the summer, a conservative estimate of the population might be double that amount. Some of the favorite tourist ......... views are experienced from an overlook in Villa Michele.
The ......... of the name Capri has been traced back to the Greek inhabitants of the islands, the designation meaning "boar", for the wild boars which once roamed the island. Drawings of hunters killing boars were a common theme painted on Greek vases, plates and walls.
An explorer to the island would surely want to visit the Blue Grotto, an underwater cave bathed in blue light, due to the ......... position of sunlight reflected through a small hole at the waterline.
Another hole adds to the unusual lighting conditions, being barely large enough to admit a small rowboat and used as the only entranceway into the cave; visitors experience a(n) ......... effect of natural light coming from underneath the boat.
Visitors are encouraged by the guide to put their hand in the water; they are astounded at seeing it glow strangely in the light, not unlike the ......... of a star.
Divers have found antique Roman statues in the Grotto, evidence that its existence was known for centuries. However, it was long avoided by local residents, believing it to be the ......... of witches and monsters. Tales were often told of a sea serpent which swallowed any boats daring to enter the cave.
Although oarsmen are extremely ......... at taking tourists into the Grotto, they are severely limited by space; the small opening makes it necessary for guests to lie on their backs until the boat clears the entrance.
......... weather conditions are not ideal for visitors to the Grotto. Sudden waves can cause the small boats to be thrown upward toward the roof of the cave or trap the occupants inside for hours or days.
No motorized boats are permitted in the Grotto due to the ......... and noise of the boats. Guides want the tourists to have a serene experience while gazing at the blue interior.
Capri has long been a haven for tourists, writers, painters and actors. Visitors can take a ferry or hydrofoil from Naples and then climb aboard a ......... for the trip to Capri town.