ESL, Niveau avancé

English Slang Idioms (142)

He wanted to steer the company toward a more horizontal form of management. He thought that empowered employees seemed motivated, creative and more effective. Unfortunately, he knew that these ideas would be hard to sell to the Old ......... who favored a more hierarchical management style.
Many people in Northern California would like to move off the ......... and produce their own electricity through the use of solar panels, wind generators and kinetic energy devices.
After the police questioned him about his whereabouts on the fateful night, they established that he had an air-tight alibi and told him that he was off the ......... for the murders. He was relieved as he could once again resume his normal life.
With a heavy heart, Peter summoned his old friend Jack. Peter recently discovered an embezzlement issue occurring in his company and he immediately knew who the culpable individual would turn out to be. Jack arrived and attempted to provide an explanation for the embezzlement. However, Peter knew that Jack was lying. He said to Jack sadly, "Your explanation doesn't hold .......... There are too many holes in your story and I am going to have to call the police."
"I tested our inventory of beef for botulism and the results were off the .......... We are going to have to initiate a recall for the beef that has shipped out already and make a public announcement immediately. People could get horribly sick and our company will be slaughtered in the courts if we don't act immediately," Matt said to Ronald.
"His stellar reputation and his connection to the police department threw me off ......... for a while but he is our killer. He had a good motive; his wife was threatening to divorce him for some impropriety he committed with his secretary and she was in possession of a two million dollar inheritance that he would inherit if she passed away.
"His charismatic charm threw me ......... guard for awhile. I expected a charlatan and he seemed to be the opposite. However, when I had more time to trace the source of his research, I found that he actually stole his ideas from another corporation who already has a patent for the drug," Dr. Williams told the boss.
"While it seems like an off-the-......... idea, it is actually quite inventive and shows every indication of being effective. It is a bit unconventional but I suggest we implement it," Jack said to Steven
"The housing market in California has completely bottomed out. It is well-known that we are currently in a buyer's market. You are actually suggesting that I would make money by selling my farm now, despite the fact that the average homeowner is taking a huge loss from selling his or her place? Are you off your .........?" Wesley asked his friend who worked for a local real estate firm.
"Unfortunately, I was not informed that this meeting would require the preparation of financial documents on my part. I do not know the performance facts and figures for my department right ......... hand but I can get that information to you by close of business today," the regional manager told the chief financial officer.