ESL, Niveau avancé

English Slang Idioms (106)

"Darn it, Jenny. You were supposed to take the baby on Friday and you didn't show up or even call. You really left me in the .......... I had to hire a babysitter on short notice because I had a business meeting that night. Then I was late to the meeting and the boss was very angry," Warren said.
"Hi, Richard, it's Marcie again. I just wanted to tell you that you have the best stats in the department this month and the best average stats in the department for the past two years. You are definitely a star on the .........."
"Richard, this is Mark. Have you sent my package? When will I get it? The boss needs to know." "Let me check for you. I sent it two days ago so I know that it is in the ......... but let me find out exactly where it is. Oh! It should be there later today. Have a good one!"
Once the old CEO passed away, the company put his best friend, Tom Williams, in the .......... Tom has a lot of Charisma and is smart in other ways but has strangely little business acumen.
Lately, the United States has passed laws that make it harder for large companies to look deceptively good in the ......... through accounting maneuvers.
"Once you get in the ......... of things, we will give you a raise and you will be on track for an early promotion. We already think that you are an asset to this company with great potential," the supervisor said to Bethany.
"Through the hard work of employees like yourselves, this company has been in the tall ......... for several years now. However, with the constant advances in technology, our hold on the market is more tenuous than we'd like. We ask that you commit yourselves fully to new developments and study the competition's tactics in detail," the CEO said from the plasma screen.
It is tempting to have a complacent faith in the regular routines that life appears to offer us. As John knew, life as we know it can change in the twinkling of an .......... One faulty part on his car cost him half his family and all of his happiness.
"I am sorry, Tina, I will have to call you later today. I am working on fixing the software in use and I am in the .......... I will give you my full attention as soon as I am done with this segment," Link said.
"Hi Zack. During the presentation, I want you to make sure to ask each representative, in ........., if he or she have any questions. Is that clear?" Marcie asked.