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Robert Frost

American poet, Robert Frost who ......... wrote about the simple beauty in nature as well as his observations of life, thought of himself as a "poet of isolation."
As a child he attended school ......... due to chronic stomach pains. However, his Scottish mother was a former teacher and schooled him at home.
His father died when Frost was a young boy. The family moved from San Francisco to Lawrence Massachusetts,and lived with his ......... grandfather, William Prescott Frost, who insisted Frost attend public school.
Frost attended Dartmouth College for a few months, then held a ......... of jobs over the next ten years, eventually teaching Latin at his mother's school.
In 1894, the New York Independent newspaper published "My Butterfly," which encouraged Frost to continue his ......... writing of poems.
Perhaps receiving too many rejection slips was the ......... for Frost deciding to sell his farm and move the family to England.
In England, his work was ......... accepted. Frost published his collect of poems, "A Boy's Will," followed soon after by "North Boston," the exposure earning him international praise.
Frost continued to write his poems with thought-......... themes. The blank verse poems often dealt with his personal anguish, including the mental breakdowns of two daughters and suicide of his son.
After studying the works of such English poets as Rupert Brooke, Frost decided to return to the U.S. ........., the Atlantic Monthly editor asked for some of his work, when previously he had rejected all of Frost's submissions, considering them unsuitable for its reading audience.
Frost received numerous awards and honors. In fact, President Eisenhower appointed him to be a ......... in poetry for the Library of Congress.Robert Frost was considered to be a complex man who liked his privacy, yet sought out audiences to give lectures and read his reflections on the world.