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Real Life: The Internet and Websites (1)

I was wondering, Mike, which Internet ......... is better if you want to use it to watch a show online?" Russell asked. Mike replied, "I use either Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. Either works fine for watching shows online."
"What do you think of the introduction to our company that I added to our website?" Bill asked Tom. Tom replied, "I like the font you chose for it but I think you have to edit the ......... again. I like the word usage in it but you have some English errors to correct."
Copyright ......... is a major threat to companies who sell goods on an international level. There are lots of countries that are either unwilling or unable to enforce copyright protection regarding intellectual property. As a result, there are a lot of fake copies sold and misrepresented by groups that are completely separate from the companies that made the original products in the first place.
Companies that offer email services are doing a much better job of blocking unwanted advertisements from reaching my email account. I used to spend almost an hour a day deleting ......... from my mail box.
Would you send that short video to my email again in a different .........? I don't have a program that can read that type of file so I can't open it.
I can never remember all of my different .......... I have to write them down and that kind of defeats the whole purpose. Companies make it too hard for a person to remember each one since some must have numbers, some have to have special characters in them and some can't have any of those things.
Hillary! Your computer had a very dangerous Trojan infection in it! Luckily, we caught this or you might have lost all of your files or could have had your identity taken. Before I leave, I will install an anti — ......... program on your computer and that will protect it from these infections.
I am glad that I finally switched to online .......... Paying bills is so much faster over the Internet and transferring money between accounts is so easy! I also like being able to check my balance from home.
Oh, my computer is running so slow right now. It's all these ......... that it constantly needs to get and install. Installing these takes up a lot of my processor power and it's annoying since it takes longer to get my work done. I guess I should be thankful for them since my computer will stay current but it's still irritating.
I know a lot of people like the older version of the spreadsheet program but I like the new one. It is very user — .......... I didn't have to take a special class to figure out how to use it and I can find the majority of its features while using it and without having to pull out the instruction manual.