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Real Life: Personalities (1)

I have a friend who is very .......... She thinks that most people are inherently bad and sees no real worth in anyone. She thinks that even if some people do good deeds, their reasons for doing the deeds are bad or selfish.
Robert is a real .......... Even when he faces hardships, he always looks on the bright side of things. He's a really positive, happy person.
I met an ......... artist on the weekend. He has some unusual habits. For example, he only paints at 5:00 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays. He also prefers to paint pictures of snails. He is quite bizarre but I have to admit that his snail paintings are quite realistic and oddly beautiful.
Every year, we give our house keys to our good friends when we go on our family vacation. My husband has known the husband, Dave, since they were kids and he waters our plants and makes sure that everything is OK while we're away. He's really .......... Otherwise, I wouldn't trust him with our home.
My little sister is such a .......... She is quite liberal in her political views and she tries not to take herself or anyone else too seriously. She is also a painter and loves to travel and meet new people.
Andrew is .......... He has already been to more than 20 countries and he's only 30-years-old! He has a lot of interesting stories to tell about the people he's met along the way and I love talking to him about world matters.
Krista is so .......... She is always coming up with original ideas and, most of the time, her work is beautiful and inspiring. I wish I had her imagination.
I can't keep up with Mark. He's so ......... and energetic. He loves to go out and experience the world but, sometimes, I just want to be by myself and relax. Not Mark, though — he truly loves people and having fun.
I met a nice girl on the weekend but she's so .......... I'm afraid to say the wrong thing to her because she is so shy and seems quite sensitive. It almost seems like she's afraid of people.
Thomas is very .......... He is always on time and really gets angry when others make him wait. He used to be in the army and followed a very tight schedule while he served in the military. Now, he seems to have the same attitude in his civilian life.