ESL, Niveau avancé

Real Life: Vehicle Parts (2)

I need new windshield .......... I can hardly see anything when I'm driving and it's raining. I think the rubber on them has worn off now.
Do you have both driver and front-passengers .........? I do and I'm glad about that because I was in an accident last week and both deployed saving my son and I from head injuries that could have been a lot worse.
I have a ......... in my car and, in the summer months, I open it up. This is a small window in the roof/hood of my car that can be opened and tightly closed (to prevent rain from getting in) at will.
I'm sure glad I have a big .......... This is the area at the back of my car that is used for storage and carrying various items while driving. This area is separated from the interior portion (where drivers and passengers sit) of the car.
One of my ......... lights is burned out and I have to get it fixed before I get a ticket. This is a necessary light that is located at the back end of most cars and trucks.
"Don't hit the .........! That will only make you go faster!" Dad said to Tommy when he was teaching him to drive. Teaching teenagers to drive is a scary thing!
"Your hands should be at the 10 and 2 position on the ......... wheel at all time when you are driving," the driving instructor told the student driver, Tommy. "Don't drive with one hand at all keep both hands on the wheel at all time."
My car ......... was stolen last week. Now, I can't listen to music while I'm driving so I've been singing a lot.
"The gear ......... is used to change gears this works with the transmission equipment in most cars," the driving instructor explained to the student driver, Tommy. "So, you use this when you want to go into a lower or higher gear."
Do you know how to drive a ......... transmission? I do and I like it better than the automatic version.