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Real Life: Hiking and The Great Outdoors (1)

Last year, Tony did a ......... through the Canadian Rockies. He said it was beautiful and challenging. This kind of hike usually refers to travel, on foot, through rugged areas and normally lasts several days.
For outdoor enthusiasts, the ......... refers to an area that is remote, undeveloped and difficult to access. Most of these areas are considered off-limit regions because they can be dangerous and isolated.
When Samantha went on a hike last week, she was glad to see the park ......... because the weather was beginning to get a little rough. This person is employed by the government of a country in order to protect and manage a federal or state/provincial park or region.
Marked ......... are designated nature paths or roads. They are usually dirt paths that are formed when a lot of people repeatedly walk on them. Sometimes, they are created by forest services and are mainly used for recreational purposes.
Donna hiked to the ......... of that large mountain. She was very proud of herself because it took a lot of strength and perseverance to reach the top of Mount Vernon.
My mother-in-law lives near the ......... in Nevada. This area usually refers to low-lying areas directly by or in the vicinity of the bottom area or foot of a mountain range.
Be sure to pack all of the necessary supplies before heading out on a long hike. One of the most important things to pack is a ......... that can hold at least two liters of water. You never know what can happen and clean water is always a good thing to have.
When Lawrence went on his last hiking trip, he hired a ......... to carry all of his gear for him. The guy he hired is young and very fit. Lawrence, on the other hand, is out-of-shape and can't carry of the necessary equipment by himself anymore.
Chris really wantshis wife to join him on the hiking trip but she usually gets ......... sickness. The mountain he wants to tackle is very high and quite dangerous so she should probably stay home this weekend.
Every hiker should always pack enough water in order to prevent .......... This is a physical condition that occurs when people don't drink enough water.