ESL, Niveau avancé

English Slang Idioms (109)

"I know that it doesn't run that well and needs new parts but I am going to buy the Trans Am instead of the Honda Civic. The Trans Am is more powerful and it looks cooler. I am sick of sacrificing my chance to be cool for functionality," 20-year-old Tommy told his dad. "You can buy the Trans Am but it's going to break down on you a lot. I can't force you to buy the Civic; it's your .........," his dad replied.
He couldn't wait for next Monday. He had been ......... to see that band in concert for years.
He couldn't wait for school to get out. He was getting ......... to get out of the country for months and his chance to travel was coming soon.
"You have no idea what it is like to work here anymore because you are now sitting up there in your .......... The company is not the same as when you were advancing through the ranks and the middle managers are making it almost mandatory for employees to take their work home to meet their performance goals. You are too out of touch," his assistant told him.
The weather channel informed him that it was time to cover his vegetables. He was surprised; it looked like Jack ......... was coming early this year.
His brother was a structural engineer and he studied the trade for eight years in school. Unlike his brother, he was more of a ......... who worked all kinds of jobs: construction, window washing, dishwashing and anything else that came along. The difference in success in the two's careers was evident in their houses. The engineer had a beautiful, palatial house and he had a mediocre mobile home.
"Well, of course you got caught. You are like a little kid with ......... all over his face. You were selling pieces of equipment you don't have access to for one tenth of their market value without verifying your supplier's reputation. You're lucky it wasn't worse!" His brother told him.
"Sir, we found another ........., dead, at the river. We tried to identify her but no luck yet. We will keep trying," the policeman told the Lieutenant.
She thought that he had kind of a ......... personality. He was the nicest, sweetest guy one minute and an ogre the next. He could barely hold on to his anger during those times and said the most despicable things.
He went to a prestigious school and entered a career in law just to make money. He always wanted to be part of the ......... — the people you read about in magazines that are featured for no other apparent reason other than to show how cool they are or how much money they spend on a regular basis.