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Real Life: Coffee Shops (2)

I like regular coffee but when I want to treat myself, I usually get a .......... It's delicious because it's a mixture of cocoa or chocolate with coffee. It's so delicious.
When I'm really tired, I make myself a cup of .......... This is coffee that is brewed by pressing hot water and steam through dark roasted coffee grounds. It's very potent and tastes great.
Espresso, by itself, is a little too strong for me so I usually order a ......... because it's espresso coffee mixed with frothy milk or cream with a touch of cinnamon on top.
Before you can brew coffee, one must first ......... the coffee beans so that they are broken down into smaller pieces in order to infuse the flavor once hot water is added.
Coffee contains a stimulant called ......... so I have to be careful not to drink any coffee at night or I won't sleep at all.
Rather than just offering single bean coffees, many coffee shops provide their customers with ......... coffees because these types produce a bolder, richer flavor because several kinds of coffee grounds are mixed together.
Italian style coffees are often served using a mixture of espresso with ......... milk on top. This kind of milk is made by using pushing steam through the milk in order to produce a bubbly, foamy layer.
Most coffee shops offer specialty coffees as well as sweet baked treats such as pies, tarts and cakes — called ..........
Almost immediately after I drink a double-shot of espresso, I usually feel quite .......... This means that I'm really alert and I have a lot of energy for a period of time afterwards because of the caffeine.
I've never tried a latte before. Let me have a ......... of yours please. Wow, that little taste I just had was enough for me. I'm going to get one too.