ESL, Niveau avancé

English Slang Idioms (197)

"Telling the customer that we needed more information from the doctor and that he needed to get the information in order to process his claim was a dirty .......... You know that it will take awhile for the customer to get the information and send it in and by that time, it will be too late to process the claim," Jack, the lead insurance representative, told Jacky.
"Wow, he really did a ......... on you, didn't he. I heard him berate your performance, your attitude, your attire, your lack of public speaking ability and your intelligence. That was quite cruel of him to take you apart like that," Matt said to Lewis when he got back from the boss's office.
"We are going to have to ......... away with our typewriter department. Typewriters are pretty much obsolete and demand for them has certainly waned. It is no longer profitable to keep them as one of the products we offer," Jack said to Tim.
"Your ability to maintain your bearing, position and poise in the face of criticism and rude behavior does you .........," his boss told him.
"I had fun going to see the Ozzy Osbourne tribute band. However, the band didn't do most of his songs .......... The lead singer sang the wrong lines at times and the guitar player played some of the songs at the wrong speed. The original songs were much, much better," Bill told Paul.
"I am going to transfer you to our quality control division. You are an excellent analyst and very intelligent. I think developing those skills in a real-world setting and getting experience in another area of this company will do you ........., career wise," Max said to Justine.
"We are not ready to present our findings to the committee yet. We still need to conduct some more tests to verify the validity of our work even more. I have done my ......... and have spoken to the head of the chemistry department to have arrange for an independent chemist to review our work. Please talk amongst yourselves while I answer this call to see what else we can do," Linus said to the team.
"I am responding to your complaint that your computer is moving sluggishly and is not saving files correctly. What I will have to do will take an hour or two so I must ask you to take the work you will need to another location and let me do my .......... I will come get you when I am done," Lewis said to Jacob.
"Thank you for welcoming us tonight. This is a landmark day for our company and I am pleased to share it with everyone. We will be giving a narrated video history of this company and I have asked Jenny to do the .......... I hope that you will all enjoy this short film," Jack, the CEO of the company, said to the audience.
Adrenaline shot through his body and the ability to control his appendages was becoming increasingly more difficult in the icy water. He knew that if he didn't rescue the people from the ocean right now, there would be no hope for them due to hypothermia, among other things. There were no do ......... when the ocean was this turbulent and cold.