ESL, Niveau avancé

English Slang Idioms (149)

"My best friend is kind of a ......... pony. He is really good at electronics repairs but is not good at other things. For example, he can't manage the finances for his business, his marketing strategy is extremely weak and his people skills are atrocious. I won't even go into the across-the-board failures in his personal life," Wes said to Lisa.
"I can't stand my neighbors next door. They are up till ......... hours of the night even on weekdays and they are always playing loud, annoying music," Jenny told Lilly.
When asked if he minded recounting how he came upon the knowledge that allowed him to revolutionize the prosthetics field when he had no apparent medical training or schooling in biomechanics, he replied, "Not at all. My life is an open .........."
Bruce's father absconded with the invention that Bruce had made at a very young age and, consequently, become rich. Although he paid for his son's schooling and other material needs, Bruce harbored a lot of resentment toward his father. He and his father had multiple disagreements about the morality of the theft. His father believed that it was fair payment for raising him and he did not agree. When Bruce's father brought the subject up over dinner, his wife admonished him by saying "Why do you have to open old .........?"
When his wife asked him why he was willing to sell their house at a loss and move to another country just for a job, he told her, "This job is our ticket to making serious money and early retirement. I have to take it. ......... knocks but once."
He faced a lot of criticism for outsourcing most of the business's production in an effort to reduce expenses. The criticisms focused on the fact that he was ignoring the other side of the .......... For example, he didn't consider the fact that a large part of the company's employees are now without jobs.
His wife purchased a new outdoor furniture set. It was the kind that required assembly at home and included detailed instructions on how the assembly was to be completed. She anticipated that her husband would put the set together once she got home. However, much to her chagrin, her husband was out like a ......... and snoring loudly when she got home.
The caller identified himself to the shift supervisor as a potential investor. He wanted to know if the company invested their cash flow in stocks, bonds, or foreign currency transaction schemes. He replied, "Those questions are unfortunately out of my .......... I can contact someone higher up and have them call you back as soon as they are able. Is that acceptable to you?"
He hoped that his account was not overdrawn. He had hastily left his home early that morning for the business trip and had neglected to include his company credit card with his things. He had had to pay for his hotel, gas, and food out of ......... and hoped that he the available funds to cover the transactions.
He had been feeling off for about the past week. He felt some kind of impending doom bearing down on him and feared that a medical crises was coming his way. He had a brief reprieve yesterday when he was relatively worry-free but now he was feeling out of ......... again.