ESL, Niveau avancé

The Monopoly Game

In 1930, an unemployed salesman, Charles Darrow, sat at his kitchen table, creating a ......... of a new game. When he approached games company Parker Brothers to sell it, Darrow was met with disdain and turned away.
An executive at the Parker Brothers Company told him the game would never be popular because there were too many mistakes, the rules were complicated, and it took too long to play. Darrow corrected some of the ......... errors and decided to sell the game independently.
This entrepreneur was able to produce and sell 5000 sets to a popular department store. The Parker Brothers were so impressed, they .......... their original opinion and negotiated a deal with Darrow.
Amazingly, Parker Brothers Company starting producing 20,000 sets a week. Players could enjoy financial risks and rewards using ......... money. Darrow was congratulated on inventing a very creative game.
Unfortunately, a few years after Darrow's death, a lengthy trademark lawsuit revealed that the game of ......... and initiative may not have originated from his creative genius.
As a young man, Darrow had visited Quaker friends who showed him a game of "properties." The intent of the game was to teach the evils of making ......... profits. Darrow borrowed the game and rules.
Another contender, Elizabeth Magie, insisted she had created The Landlord's Game in 1904 and had taken out a patent on it, twenty-six years before Darrow claimed to have invented Monopoly. Both games had too many similarities to be just a coincidence. ......... had to be the answer.
Research uncovered that Charles Darrow and his wife had been dinner guests in Magie's home and had played her game after dinner. The board had a jail, public park, water and electrical ........., includinginstruction cards that were exactly the same as in the game of Monopoly.
The fact that Elizabeth Magie had two patents on her game, made the Parker Brothers very concerned about the substantial earnings they had received, and asked Darrow to sign an ......... that the game was his own creation.
Before Darrow could respond to the request, Elizabeth Magie entered into ......... with Parker Brothers, who secured the rights to her patent for $500, without royalties. The popularity of the game has never ceased.