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Real Life: What is a SOHO (1)?

W: I would love to work as a SOHO (small office/home office). I think many people will work as SOHOs at some point in the future.M: Really? I think many employees will find it hard to ......... their personal lives from their business affairs.
M: There is also another ......... to working as a SOHO. For example, people could easily get sidetracked and not get any work done.W: Really? I think I can motivate myself and I could spend more time with my family.
M: In addition, you won't have any professional training provided free-of-charge by a company and you won't be able to develop strong relationships with colleagues.W: That's true but you could start a ......... with various professionals from home so you could stay up-to-date on the newest trends as well as develop good relationships with people in related industries.
M: Yes, but, social ......... is really important to me. I don't think I could be a full-time SOHO because I enjoy working with other people so much.W: Well, that's good for you. But, I could work on my own for some time without getting bored.
W: I'm also really good at utilizing my space well and I'm very ......... I think I could run a sole proprietorship because I'm so detail-oriented.M: Not me. That kind of system requires a lot of time and energy to run and maintain.
W: I would also like to save money on gas and not have to put up with annoying co-workers. I could also choose what office ......... to wear. I usually spend a lot of money on professional suits and I would really enjoy spending less money on work clothes.
M: Well, there are a lot of computer programmers and writers who enjoy working from home. These kinds of jobs are pretty ......... types of work so working from home makes sense.
M: However, I would be too afraid of .......... I don't trust myself because I think I would put off doing the things I have to do and opt for fun activities like fishing if left to my own devices.
W: I'm actually quite self-.......... I always get my work done whether a manager is looking over my shoulder or not.
W: Anyway, regardless of my opinion, a lot of people are going to start working from home and possibly go into the office for weekly meetings or whatever.M: Yes, I suppose so. But, this kind of work arrangement will not be suitable for everyone. Some folks can't deal with all of the ......... that can occur at home like children or housework — and may not be able to concentrate on their work.W: That's true.