ESL, Niveau avancé

Reading and Book Idioms (1)

If you don't use a book ......... when you are reading a novel, you will never remember where you left off after you put the book down. Here, you can have this flowery one. Put it in between the pages and then you'll remember where you were the next time you want to read that book.
I don't trust our accountant. I think Charlie said he is infamous for ......... the books on his commercial accounts. That's illegal, you know!
The content of this book is very deep. You have to read between the ......... in order to understand what the author is saying. He likes to add subtle hints and symbolism into his stories.
I really like oceanography. I think I'm going to read ......... on that subject more in the future in order to get more knowledgeable about it. Maybe, I'll get a degree in that area one day.
Sharon is in the boss' ......... books because she goes the extra mile for him on a regular basis. As well, he really likes her because she is never late and works a lot of overtime.
I am afraid of getting into trouble at school because my mother can read me like a .......... I've tried to lie to her in the past but she always knows when I'm not telling the truth. She knows me very well.
I don't think he should get off without serving some prison time. In my ........., fraud is a serious offense and he stole a lot of money from unsuspecting and innocent people.
My little brother is such a book .......... He loves reading so much. He reads about three to four novels per week and he's only twelve years old.
My editor is very well-.......... He's familiar with so many authors it's incredible. He's really up on historical events as well.
You don't have to worry about Steven. He is an ex-cop and does everything by the .......... He's very honest and follows all of the rules.