ESL, Niveau avancé

Real Life: Criminal Justice System (3)

I heard that law makers may try to charge regular street gangs with ......... in the future because of the fear they invoke and due to the intimidation tactics they use.
People who set fires with the intent of destroying property and/or just for the fun of it are guilty of ..........
Did you hear? Jimmy got caught ......... on Tuesday. He tried to steal some movies and got caught by the security guard. His parents are going to ground for at least two months this time.
Do you know if the store is charging Jimmy with that crime? If so, he'll have to go back to ......... Court because he is a minor. The judge will probably throw the book at him because this will be his second serious crime this year.
I don't know if he's getting charged for the crime or if the store just settled the matter with his parents. He is already on ......... for a previous crime so he is in serious trouble if they do charge him with shoplifting.
The defendant's lawyers put up a good defense but the ......... has so much evidence against him. I think the jury will convict him of murder.
When I was young, I wanted to be a supreme court ......... more than anything. The Supreme Court makes big decisions that affect how the law is to be interpreted. One can really make a difference in society in that position.
Do you know a good ......... attorney? My soon-to-be ex-wife is trying to take half of everything I own despite the fact that she walked into this marriage with nothing and hasn't worked a day since.
I am being charged with being an ......... to the crime but I had no idea that when I gave Tim a ride to the store, he was going to rob the place! When he came out of the store and I saw what he'd done, I took off without giving him a ride. However, the district attorney doesn't believe me.
The judge didn't interpret the law correctly and mistakenly sided with the defense. My attorney says I have a good shot at an .......... I am going to file for one because I want to take my case to a higher court for further review.