ESL, Niveau avancé

Real Life: Vehicle Parts (4)

In some states, you must display both back and front license ......... on your vehicle at all times. These are flat, metal, rectangular objects that are given to drivers when they register their vehicles at authorized, motor-vehicle agencies.
Have you checked your ......... plugs lately? Maybe that's why the car won't start.
"Don't forget to use your ......... lights when making turns. These lights show the other drivers that you are going to be making a turn and that is a good, safe driving habit to get into," the driving instructor told the student driver.
"Everyone should know how to check the motor oil level in any vehicle. First, you have to get under the hood. Then you have to look for a colored loop of some kind that may say "oil" on it. Pull on this ......... and then you can read the oil level line that is displayed. This is a skinny, long piece of metal that has measurement lines engraved on it. And, remember to let your engine cool off before doing anything with it!" the driving instructor told the class.
I have to get gas. I'm going to pull into this gas station so that I can fill up my gas ......... before we head out on this long trip.
That guy's ......... is broken for sure. His car is so noisy. This vehicle component helps to quiet most vehicles so that they aren't so loud! It also helps to reduce exhaust emissions.
I think it's time for a complete oil .......... You should do this every 5000 kilometers or so because the motor oil in any car can get quite dirty and that is bad for your engine.
This car has ......... everything including windows and locks. This is great so that you don't have to lock the doors or open/close the windows manually. You just press these buttons and the windows and locks open and close instantly and without any effort on your part.
That guy bought really expensive ......... for his sports car. These are wheel covers, that look like circular, metal plates or disks, that attach onto the tires of most vehicles.
Let's put the top down. It's such a warm, beautiful day and I want to feel the balmy air on my skin while driving. I love having a ......... car!