ESL, Niveau avancé

Real Life: Environmental Terms (3)

Motorized vehicles and factories ......... harmful pollutants into the earth's atmosphere every day. Many environmental groups are trying to change laws so that less pollution will be released into the environment in the future.
Chemical ........., harmful matter that is used to make lawns and plants grow faster, are harmful to the environment because they put pollutants into the soil and water supply. Many companies are now making natural and organic blends to lessen this threat on the environment.
Nowadays, many people are trying to ......... their effects on their environments. This means that they are trying to lessen their harmful actions that jeopardize ecosystems. For example, many people are opting to walk to work rather than drive and some are using rain barrels in order to use less water.
A lot of factories ......... the earth every day. This means that they put harmful chemicals and other dirty, unnatural substances into the atmosphere, land, fresh water supply and oceans.
Environmentalists try to ......... ecosystems by keeping them in their natural states.
Environmentalists also try to ......... habitats and ecosystems by exploring natural, harmless lifestyle choices and manufacturing options. By doing so, they can save environments and shield these areas from further damage.
Some environmental groups have ......... against factories that pollute in the past. This means that they have spoken out against about pollution standards and also try to promote environmentally-friendly manufacturing methods.
Many people and companies are taking part in ......... programs and lifestyle choices. They take trash material and shape it into something new or use it for another purpose.
People can also save the environment by ......... their consumption levels. For example, they can lessen household garbage by buying products that come with less bulky, packaging material.
Another way of helping the environment is to ......... certain items. For example, you can salvage items like boxes and plastic packaging, rather than discard them, and use them for another useful purpose.