ESL, Niveau avancé


In today's uncertain economic times, consumers are learning new rules and techniques of .........; clipping coupons is not the only way to save money, but most people erroneously relate the word with savings accounts.
By ......... analyzing the areas where the most money is expended, the consumer can save money while still enjoying a comfortable lifestyle.
The largest investment many people make is in the purchase of a house. Potential buyers, who previously would not have considered bargaining a real estate agent's fee, are now discovering ......... can result in a significant discount.
Even if someone is ......... their home, savings of building materials can be achieved by undertaking research on the computer. Goods and services can be found at a monumental discount.
The ......... buyer also considers seasonal discounts, winter time being one of the most advantageous months to buy services from contractors, landscapers, and painters, while spring and summer being the least favorable times to purchase these services.
Manufacturers of cars, boats, riding mowers, large appliances, and other high price items constantly ......... customers with promises of price reductions or prizes. Customers who buy energy efficient appliances may get additional refunds from the government.
Some rules of frugality have been written by supersavers on computer sites, in magazines and in books. Television programs, such as Good Morning America, have hired consumer ......... to teach viewers how to "pinch their pennies."
Clipping coupons can actually improve the quality of your life, according to the author of "Simple Savings." Jeremy Stone's ......... in using coupons has saved him enough money to take the family of four on vacations to Alaska, Hawaii, Nassau, and Belize in the last few years.
The famous guru of thrift, Benjamin Franklin, advocated frugality to his fellow Americans in the 1700's, writing ......... in his book, "Poor Richard's Almanac." He suggested "Be industrious and frugal and you shall be rich."
Franklin explained that thrift is not just the saving of money, but in making the wisest choices in everything man has including, time, money, health, and natural resources. He lived his motto of "......... and happiness never saw each other," by refusing to accept payment for any of his inventions.