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Real Life: Gardening (1)

Nearly all plants grow in .......... This is also called dirt and plants get vitamins and nutrients from this kind of substrate.
All plants need sunshine, water and ......... in order to grow. Sometimes, this kind of plant food is organic and, sometimes, it's made up of chemical compounds.
Many plants and flowers need a lot of sunshine to grow into healthy, larger plants. However, some plants don't like the sun that much and prefer the .......... These plants have very low light requirements.
Many plants need water and sunshine in order to grow. The plant process of converting light and water into useable energy is called ..........
Some flowers are .......... This word literally means persistent or continuing. In the gardening world, you only have to plant or seed these plants once and they either stay around all year long or grow back every year — even in very cold climates.
Gardeners plants ......... in the dirt in the spring and then wait for the plants to grow into small seedlings. The seedlings then grow into healthy, large plants.
Some gardeners like to grow ......... plants. These plants usually have a lot of colorful blooms but the plants only last for one year or season and have to be re-seeded or replanted again the following year.
If you plant a flower or vegetable garden, you will have to ......... or pull out some plants that grow naturally in various types of soil. These kinds of plants usually have no useful qualities and are considered to a nuisance plants in most cases.
Some gardeners plant various types of ......... in their vegetable gardens. This is a leafy-green vegetable that is mainly used in salads and there are many different varieties in the world.
Some gardeners use chemical ......... to get rid of/kill annoying pests/insects that eat plants and crops. However, nowadays, many people don't agree with gardeners who use these harmful, chemical compounds. So, there is a big organic movement that involves safer and gentler practices that center around natural alternatives.