ESL, Niveau avancé

English Slang Idioms (127)

His professor rejected his doctoral dissertation again. It made his blood ......... to think that the vast majority of his other professors lauded his superior academic performance and now, for the first time in almost eight years, his current work was described as "below his skill level."
She knew that her fear of contracting a disease from eating fish bordered on the pathological. She felt bad whenever she went to someone's house for dinner and the dinner turned out to be fish. She felt bad because she knew she would reject eating the meal and would, therefore, insult her hosts. Just the thought of eating fish made her ......... crawl.
She felt that she had endured the most extreme fright of her life that night. She even had a premonition before the event that made her ......... stand on end like an electrocution victim. She felt that something ominous would happen that night to someone she loved.
"I read an interview of the heinous serial killer who was caught last month and it was enough to make my toes .......... The idea that anyone could commit acts that deranged and with such malice shocks me," Ellie said to Beth.
Ken's group of friends ostracized him because he spread a rumor about Jan and David's secret love affair. They were both very angry but he knew that their anger might blow over in time so he decided to make himself ......... for the summer and try to befriend the group again in the fall.
When the supplier expressed his concern that Mr. Wilson was not coming to conduct business with him personally, Mr. Wilson said, "I regret that I will be unable to make a personal appearance. However, Mr. Saxs is coming to meet with you. Mr. Saxs is my ......... man and I have delegated all of my authority to him for the duration of your business matters. He will provide the same excellent service that you have grown accustomed to receiving from me."
"I understand your apprehension gentleman. One does not like to put their livelihood in the hands of another — however briefly. I can assure you that your interests will receive the utmost attention from Mr. Smith and that this minor setback will be resolved in two days time. Mr. Smith said that everything will be handled appropriately and he is a man of his .........," Mr. Levi told the clients.
"I think that we should grant him membership into our elite club. He is refined, cultured and obviously a man of .........," Grant told the other members during their meeting.
"I think that Jim would be an excellent guest speaker. By profession, he is a man of the ......... but his financial management of his parish is noteworthy. His specialty is investment strategies and he has shown exceptional prowess in this field," Marcus told the management club.
"Do I think it will work? I anticipate that our plan will work. However, no matter how calculated our steps are and no matter how much we do contingency planning exercises, there is always a chance of something unforeseeable cropping up to derail our objectives. You have probably heard the saying "man proposes, God .......... If it is meant to succeed, the plan will succeed. If it is not meant to happen, it won't," the presenter said to the questioning manager.