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Real Life: Real Estate (4)

I love the ......... you two added since I was last here. The flowers are beautiful and the plants add some much-needed color to this brown yard.
Your place is huge inside! For some reason, it doesn't look that big on the outside but it sure is ......... once one gets through the front door.
Do you have a ......... you would recommend? We need someone to build a new room onto our house and want to make sure it is done correctly.
We are having a hard time coordinating the different ......... on our construction project. The guy who installs the drywall is only available on Monday and Tuesday mornings and the electrician is only available on Thursday mornings. The plumber can only be here on the 22nd of this month and it is only the third!
We lucked out with our mobile home park. We have very nice ......... on all three sides of us and the fourth side faces the street. We would not like our place as much if we didn't have such good people around us.
We bought a mobile home two years ago and now we have to sell it. We would rather rent it out until it is paid off but the park doesn't allow us to ..........
Apparently, our property cannot be .......... We originally were going to divide the property, build several houses on it and then sell those but, apparently, that is not allowed by the city. Now we are stuck with fifty-five acres and we have no idea what to do with them.
Our house is located at the end of a .......... We like the location because there is no traffic passing through and it is quiet.
I grew up in a high-end ......... but I didn't realize how lucky I was until now. Recently, we moved into a different neighborhood and we have to deal with drunken couples fighting in the middle of the street, theft and loud music. There was none of that kind of behavior in my old neighborhood.
My best friend just moved into a nice .......... This dwelling is a large house that is split up into two separate homes. His family lives in one part and another family lives in the other area.