ESL, Niveau avancé

Prepositional Phrases - In, On, Out and Under (12)

Bob, you have to clean your room. You have to put away all of those clothes ......... that heap over there and please get all the dirty dishes out of your room as well.
We finally got a date for Minnie's surgery. She goes ......... the knife on Wednesday to get the tumor removed and then she starts chemotherapy next week.
I am sorry I questioned you so much about your request. You have to admit, though, it is a little ......... of the ordinary for you to go to the theater to watch a play.
These days, children spend too much time inside on their computers. They need to get ......... doors and go play. We were always outside playing when we were kids.
It is so hard to compete with the huge garden nurseries. They operate ......... such a large scale that they can offer plants for a much cheaper price than I can.
I heard that John was really good at hockey. I finally got to see him ......... action the other day at the local arena. He is really good and I was happy to watch him play.
I have to go to the chiropractor this week. My back has been ......... of whack for the past five days and I am sick of it.
The guy that stole my car goes ......... trial this week. He had better get a stiff sentence for all the trouble he caused me.
We knew the trip was on so, last week, we bought all of our food and camping gear ......... anticipation of the big camping trip.
You lost your glasses at my house? No, I haven't seen them today but I will be ......... the lookout for them. I'll call if I find them.