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Real Life: Real Estate (3)

I just have to meet the seller and our lawyer tonight at 6:00 PM to sign a few more ......... and then the house is ours!
I just talked to a guy who said he is interested in buying a house in our neighborhood but thinks ours is too expensive. I told him to make an ......... and I would consider it. He said he will call me back in an hour. I hope he calls back with a decent price.
I know it will cost me more in interest but I don't want an ......... rate mortgage on our new house. Sure, interest rates are low now, but if anything happens, they could skyrocket and we could lose our home. It almost happened to my dad in the recession of the early 80s.
The Veterans Administration offers all kinds of mortgages including ......... rate mortgages for those who are risk-averse.
We rented a U-Haul truck last time we moved and were very happy with it. I know there are other companies that rent ......... trucks but I trust U-Haul and their prices are reasonable.
Are you the type of person who would rather live in a house with a big, landscaped yard to work in or would you prefer a nice, maintenance-free .........?
We would like to buy a house soon but we may have to wait because ......... rates are so high right now due to the recession.
I have to talk to our lawyer. Apparently, there is a ......... against the property for some grading work a local firm did that the owner never paid for in the past. I don't know if it will affect us or not. I am going to meet the lawyer at 7:00 PM tonight and then I'll know more.
We have decided to ......... our yard using local, drought-tolerant plants. We will save water that way and that helps our pocket book and the environment at the same time. I have also read that this type of landscaping can improve the property value of a place by up to 15 percent if done correctly.
Can I have the name of your ......... designer? She did a wonderful job with the interior of your house and our place, frankly, doesn't look that good.