ESL, Niveau avancé

Real Life: The Internet and Websites (3)

We just upgraded our Internet from dial-up service to ......... Internet service. This service is much faster and allows me to move my computer anywhere and I'm not tied to the area around the jack.
Our phone service runs over our cable-modem. Unlike traditional phone service, ........., which stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol, is cheaper because we don't have to pay for long-distance calls or other features like call-waiting.
"Honey, what is your ......... ID? I need to access your online credit account to pay your bill and I only know your password," Jason said to Kylie.
Do you check your ......... account everyday? I don't but I need to start doing that. I get messages that need to be answered within an hour or two and I don't end up reading them until several days later.
Are you done with that part of your report yet? I still have to put the group paper together and ......... so it looks nice before we turn it in to the professor. This will take a few hours so I need you to be done with your part by noon.
Now, to open the program on your computer, you need to put the cursor over the program icon and double ......... it.
What is the fastest Internet connection one can get around here? Is it DSL, wireless, or ......... internet?
I am looking for a new web-......... company to use for my website. Our old one just went out of business. Do you have a company you can recommend?
I turned in the paperwork necessary to get a ......... for the new program I created. I am guessing it will take about a month so I can be ready to sell the program as soon as my intellectual property is protected.
You may have a computer ......... if your system is running really slow and the computer can't pull up a lot of your information. These things are signs that point to an infection.