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Real Life: Real Estate (1)

The house I am buying is still in the ......... process. It will take about two weeks to complete that process and then I will own my own house and be able to take possession of it.
I recently rented out my basement to help me pay my .......... A little more than half of it is paid with the rental money I get and the rent money is helping me pay off my house faster.
Before I agree to buy your house, I want to wait for the results of the ......... search to come back. Not that I don't trust you, I just want to make sure the house is fully owned by you and there are no liens attached to the property.
My wife and I had to move in with my parents for a year and a half while we saved up a down ......... for a house. It was torture being under the parents' rules again for that long.
I whole-heartedly recommend getting a house ......... before agreeing to buy a house. I checked the house myself and didn't see anything wrong with it. However, the guy in charge of the process found a major problem with the roof that would have cost me at least $15,000 to fix.
I also recommend, if it isn't included in the house inspection, getting a ......... inspection done. My grandfather got one before buying his house and found out there were termites in a lot of the wood.
Make sure to read your credit ......... very carefully when you get a mortgage. I didn't read mine that carefully and was late one month. My interest rate went up two points for six months. If I had known that would happen, I wouldn't have been so lax on sending in the payment.
Have you got a ......... estate agent to help you sell your house yet? If not, I have a great one to recommend. She got our house sold in no time and for a good price.
How much is your monthly ......... for this place? It must be a lot; your house is really nice and you have a huge yard.
I just took out a home equity ......... to renovate our kitchen and bathroom. I have read many articles that lead me to believe that one can receive the greatest rate of return on kitchen and bathroom renovations.