Honest Trailers - Inception


Ugh, we get it already.

From the director of two good Batman movies comes a film that will obliterate your eardrums

with deafening horn noises.

When dream thief Dominic Cobb gets his toughest assignment yet,

he'll assemble a team of experts, including

this small boy who can suddenly learn to make complex dream mazes

after doodling, a chemist who is literally the worst driver


and a sidekick whose only job is to explain the plot.

"In a dream, you can cheat architecture into impossible shapes."

"Five minutes in the real world gives you an hour in the dream."

"In the dream state, your conscious defenses are lowered."

"You can't wake up from within the dream unless you die."

"Raw, infinite subconscious. Nothing is down there - except for whatever might have been left behind

by someone sharing the dream who's been trapped there before."

And yet, not even the characters in the movie can figure out what's

going on. "So what happens when we die?"

"What's a kick?" "If this is my dream why can't I control this?!"

"Wait, who's subconscious am I going into exactly?"

"I'm just trying to understand." "How could you understand?"

"You don't understand."

To get back his children, Cobb's team will have to fight anonymous dream soldiers who have no idea how to

hit anything with an automatic weapon, or duck.

A movie so complex, it requires intense concentration at every moment -

which is really difficult when this guy goes over important plot points in a heavy accent.

"My main competitor is an old man in poor health.

His son will soon inherit control of the corporation."

A supposedly original film that's actually just The Matrix,

but with creepier extras and unclear rules.

Witness Leonardo Dicaprio fight his way through any physical challenge,

but struggle to squeeze through an alley way.

Immerse yourself in the dreams of Christopher Nolan,

which apparently don't include sex, flying, or

any other things normal people dream of. A dream land where you can think of literally

any weapon, but for some reason only dream of small-to-medium

sized guns. Seriously, they couldn't dream up a tank or

something? Starring

Reonardo DiCaprio

Indian Seth Rogen


The cast of The Dark Knight Rises

George Takei

The son from Third Rock from the Sun

and a dreidel.


If Cobb couldn't enter the country, wouldn't Michael Cain just fly the kids out to him?

Ugh, whatever.

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