The Forest


In the old days, things were a lot gloomier than today.

Me and my family used to live in an apartment block when I was about 12 years old.

My father was an honest and strict man. He was obsessed with preparing us for the challenges of life.

When I felt lonely or misunderstood, the forest was there for me.

It was a peaceful place, where the problems, so I thought, were far away.

I often came to the forest.

I didn't like school either.

I thought of it more of a mind prison than a place to learn about life.

I could sit here for ages, thinking about the world and just listening to the whisper of the wind

and wisdom of the trees.

I didn't really feel at home amongst people either.

People had no respect.

The rich took advantage of the poor. The lies kept them locked away in their miserable lives.

Everytime I walked the streets, I had the urgent desire to return to the forest.

Because the forest was different, there were no problems.

One day I was expelled from school for daydreaming, they sent me to a special school,

so I decided not to go back anymore.

I didn't tell my father of course.

Anyway he found out, and took me to a specialist.

All of a sudden, everything changed.

I had ignored these problems for too long.

Now they were here to seize me.

My will to stand up against life had gone.

I suddenly became interested in things I had been indifferent to before.


carrier bags


TV: Regain your individuality now! Try Probijogh!

TV: Regain your individuality now!

And that was what I was going to do!

Of course they caught me.

I tried to explain why I had to do this.

But they just wouldn't listen.

They had locked me away for good.